Introducer registration

Thank you for registering for Introducer Internet access. Please note you will require your Company/ Introducer ID code and account details to register your password. These will have been forwarded by email when your account was created by our registration team.

If you are looking to create a new account on our system please click here for further registration details.

The following are the general terms of use for this Introducer Internet site. Instructions on how to use the site also form part of these terms. When you register with us to use the online application you will be deemed to have agreed to them. Should you fail to follow these terms, Santander UK plc (we/us/our) reserves the right to withdraw your access to the online service, irrespective of any other action taken.

By registering for this facility, you agree:

  • To ensure that you always have your customer's authority to act on their behalf and to pass information to us and that your customer has read and given their agreement to the 'customer declaration' prior to you submitting details to us.
  • To ensure you always have justification for processing of customer's personal data and that the customer's authority to process has been obtained.
  • To advise all customers what will happen to their personal data and what, if any, will be disclosed to other parties. No disclosure of personal data will be done without the prior agreement of the customer.
  • To ensure that data collected in respect of any customer will not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was collected, unless the customer's permission is first obtained.
  • To only hold data relevant for the purpose of an 'agreement in principle' or 'full mortgage application'.
  • To confirm that if the applicant(s) receive a lending decision with Automated Income Verification (AIV) agreement, you will be responsible for keeping a copy of the customer's file, including proof of income, for a minimum of 2 years from the completion date of the mortgage.
  • To ensure that all information collected will be a true and accurate reflection of the customer's circumstances, and to keep that information up-to-date.
  • To provide customers with a copy of information held on them, on request.
  • To cover all areas included within the 'A straightforward guide to your Santander mortgage’ booklet if a full application is processed and that a copy of this booklet will be passed to the customer(s).
  • That before each 'agreement in principle' or 'full mortgage application' is submitted, you will hold an original 'customer declaration' signed by the customer (or if more than one, both or all of them).
  • Your password and passcode are provided for your sole use and must not be divulged to anyone else.
  • To follow the guidelines on good password practice when creating your unique password on registration.
  • To confirm that you will observe the terms of your introducer agreement with us.
  • You will ensure that your business will comply at all times with all amendments to or replacement of all of the above as relevant.

Introducer declaration

  • I agree that in accordance with the latest Money Laundering Regulations and the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group Guidance Notes for the UK Financial Sector (and all Directives, Regulations, Rules and Guidance Notes issued in substitution thereof or in amendment or addition thereto), I will verify and record the identity of all mortgage applicants before passing the applications to you, Santander UK plc.
  • I will retain all information collected for the purposes of applying customer due diligence measures in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • As soon as reasonably practicable I will make available to you, on request within the period of five years beginning on the date on which you have relied on me applying Customer Due Diligence (CDD) measures, such information about the customer (and any beneficial owner) which I obtained when applying CDD measures. This includes forwarding to you relevant copies of any identification and verification data and other relevant documents on the identity of the customer (and any beneficial owner) which I obtained when applying those measures.
  • I confirm that the identity of all mortgage applicants will be verified and recorded at the time of any application made via the site.
  • I acknowledge that an 'agreement in principle' is not binding on either party and that the next stage will involve completing a 'full mortgage application'.
  • I acknowledge that any appeal against a lending decision will follow the recognised appeals process.
  • I understand that any information that you hold about me and how I use this site may be used for monitoring and management information purposes and may be shared with the management team within my own organisation.
  • I understand that any information that you hold about me will be kept after my relationship with you has ended.The following criteria are used to determine data retention periods for my personal data:
    • You’ll retain my personal data as long as necessary to deal with my queries
    • You’ll retain my personal data for as long as I might legally bring claims against you;
    • You’ll retain my personal data after my relationship with you has ended based on your legal and regulatory requirements.
  • I indemnify you in respect of any liability, losses, damages or costs it may suffer or incur arising from breach of my warranties and/or obligations, imposed by these terms & conditions, or by reason of any misrepresentation or negligent, tortious or fraudulent act or default by me.

By agreeing to accept these terms & conditions of use you are deemed to have read and understood the section above.